Cable Structures

PFEIFER Structures specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of innovative cable structures. Our cable structures provide architects and developers with flexible solutions ranging from discrete building components like cable-stayed roofs and pre-tensioned cable net facades integrated into conventional construction to comprehensive cable tension structures.

Covertex’s cable structures are developed around several classical design and engineering principles pioneered by innovators like Vladimir Shukov and Frei Otto. These complex engineering principles, including tension, compression, hyperbolic paraboloids, anticlastic and synclastic curvature, tensegrity, and conoids, are the fundamentals that allow us to craft our extraordinary lightweight structures.

Cables are a fundamental component of our lightweight structures. Combined with advanced lightweight ETFE, PTFE, and PVC membranes, our structures require minimal structural support, which allows us to create amazing structures previously unimagined. Our cable structures are low maintenance, can be designed to allow filtered daylight, and are sustainable.

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Cable Structures