Pedestrian Bridge Lightweight Structures

PFEIFER Structures designs, engineers, and installs tensile membrane and cable structures integrated into some of the most iconic pedestrian bridges and footbridges. A pedestrian bridge is a structure that allows pedestrians to cross potentially dangerous areas, such as highways, rivers, and cliffs.

Built in half the time and at around half the cost of conventional construction, our precision crafted lightweight structures give architects, city planners, and developers a great alternative to conventional construction. There are shapes, forms, and surfaces we can create with lightweight architecture that cannot be replicated with any other method of construction.

Our structures can be used for a variety of pedestrian bridge and footbridge applications such as cable supports, covered walkway canopies to provide protection from the elements for pedestrians, cable railings, or bring an architectural flair to the bridge. The advanced membrane and cable materials we craft our structures from require minimal structural support which allows us to create amazing, iconic tensile membrane structures previously unimagined. Pedestrian bridge structures are low maintenance, provide abundant natural light, provide weather protection, and are sustainable.

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